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Oyster Mushrooms, 2021 original linocut print is hand-pulled from a hand-carved block using traditional block-printing techniques. This does result in some variation in both ink coverage and saturation that makes each piece perfectly imperfect and absolutely unique. May vary slightly from the photo.


*Products are for personal use only. Please contact me for discounted pricing if you are interested in wholesale or resale - I would love to work with you!


About the printmaking and linocut process:

The art of woodcut block prints dates back thousands of years to ancient China. The art form is alive and well today, with many artists working in the medium. My personal process begins with an original graphite drawing, transfer it onto the carving block made of linoleum or rubber, and then carve the design out of the block. The raised portion of the design that is left creates the "stamp" or "linocut". I then use a roller or pad to apply ink to the block and then print onto paper, fabric, wood, cork, or other material by hand using a wooden spoon, barren, or my hand to apply pressure and transfer the ink. 

Oyster Mushrooms Hand-Pulled L